Earn money with your urinal!

The unique and interchangeable advertising display media panel gives facility operators the possibility to generate additional revenue.

Rent out the advertising space on the URIMAT ecoplus, ecoinfo, compactplus and compactinfo waterless urinal!

The optimum placement for your sanitary advertising!

It is not possible for the individual to escape the captive advert in the URIMAT Infodisplay!

When the URIMAT ecoinfo / compactinfo is being used, the advertising display is even illuminated via sensor-controlled LEDs!
The URIMAT ecoplus / compactplus displays operate passively!

No looking away, no channel-hopping or turning the pages! The element of surprise with eye-contact is guaranteed!

Men linger for an average of 40 seconds
This is enough time to convey your message – whether it’s an advert or the facility philosophy you wish to display!

Many companies have already recognised the potential of this advertising space.

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