URIMAT Hand Dryer - Favorit

URIMAT Favorit Hand Dryer - quiet, fast & environmentally friendly

The URIMAT Favorit is an electric high speed hand dryer of the newest generation and is equipped with a brushless DC-motor for a significantly longer service life in comparison to standard high-speed hand dryers.

Intended for well-frequented toilet facilities and high use, the wall-mounted URIMAT Hand Dryer has a distinguished & pleasant low noise level of max. 68dB (at high-setting).
Being able to adjust the dryer for low/high operation as well as selecting cold/warm air output, ensures each facility can operate the URIMAT Favorit Hand Dryer as required.

Excess water blown off the hands during operation is collected in the removable collection tank rather than being blown on to the floor area (slip-hazard). The unit will display when the tank is to be emptied. Removing the full and re-inserting the emptied tank is easy.

The URIMAT Hand Dryer Favorit guarantees quick and hygienic hand drying and is also cost-effective & energy-efficient.

URIMAT Favorit:

  • convenient & quick: dry hands in 9-11 seconds
  • hygienic: touchless & sensor-controlled operation
  • economical: cost-efficient & energy-efficient
  • pleasant & quiet: low noise-level
  • easy & quick maintenance
  • long lifespan: brushless DC-motor
  • elegant modern design
  • environmentally friendly

URIMAT Hand Dryer vs Paper Towels

Product Information

  • Art. No. 37.600
  • 1Ph/220V-240V/50Hz
  • with Timer-Display
  • Colour: white
  • Dimensions: 330(W) x 220(D) x 687(H) mm
Weight: 11.0 kg
  • CE, WEEE

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