URIMAT ecovideo

- the waterless urinal with maximum advertising potential.

Like all other eco models, ecovideo urinals are made of high quality polycarbonate material.

The ecovideo offers a high resolution LCD-screen with the possibility to show motion footage with audio support for state of the art audio-visual multiple advertising slots.

Earn money by renting out the display as an advertising space and generate revenue.

Ambient advertising is unique in this format and reaches acceptance levels that other media would find hard to match.
Digital signage is the future of advertising media and can help you to transform your male toilet facility into revenue generating asset.

Product Information

  • Art. No. 16.971
  • with 7" LCD Video-Display (230V-50Hz)
  • 2GB storage, USB-Port, VGA-Port, Audio-Output
  • Colour: Sanitary white
Weight: 5.5 kg

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