URIMAT eco Series

No water, no chemicals, no odours.

URIMAT eco Series waterless urinals have the standard urinal size.

This may be of importance to cover any marks on the back-wall/panel when replacing existing water-flushed urinals.

The bowl is manufactured from the most durable high-tech plastic (polycarbonate) available on the market.
This sanitary injection moulded plastic is extremely strong and makes the URIMAT urinal bowls break-resistant.

The URIMAT polycarbonate bowl is light in weight and is therefore exceedingly easy to install.

Due to the isolating effect of the special plastic deposits on the urinal surface are reduced. The non-porous surface prevents the formation of bacteria and odours.

The special bowl design considerably reduces splash-back and soiled area beneath the urinal.

Our patented mechanical drain trap and microbiological cleaning agents have been specially developed for URIMAT waterless urinals and guarantee trouble-free and odourless operation.

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