URIMAT waterles urinals - Models

URIMAT waterless urinals are innovative and functionally designed urinals made from durable high-tech polycarbonate plastic and non-porous and polished ceramic.

No water, no chemicals, no odours.

Every building is unique and the requirements to the sanitary facilities range from functional to up-market exclusive design.
URIMAT waterless urinals are available in different models and materials to suit all types of facilities.

The model ranges eco and compact are innovative and functionally designed urinals manufactured in durable high-tech polycarbonate material with a pore-free surface.

Ceramic models from URIMAT in vitreous china have a non-porous glaze, actively avoiding deposit build-up and urinal bowl residue.

The patented mechanical drain trap and microbiological cleaning system guarantee trouble-free and odourless urinal operation.


The original waterless urinals from URIMAT are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They are easy to maintain, hygienic and long-lasting.

All urinal models are designed without a rinsing channel or hidden rims for enhanced hygiene and easy cleaning.

URIMAT urinals function without water and chemicals.
They are simple to install and guarantee a long service life with a minimum of maintenance.

In addition, URIMAT also makes an important contribution to a healthier environment.

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