URIMAT - Cost Analysis

Benefits with URIMAT waterless urinals:

  • return on investment from as little as 12 months or less
  • reduced installation costs; mains-water pipe not required
  • no urine scale build-up in waste-pipes; no blockages
  • reduced cleaning costs
  • superior urinal hygiene

Urinal Water Consumption

How much water do standard water-flushed urinals use?

Urinal water consumption can vary significantly depending on type of flushing mechanism installed and potential urinal use.

Water-flushed urinals with individual infra-red sensor detection are the most advanced & economical way of operating a water-flushed urinal, as only the urinal is flushed which is being used.
This type of flushing-mechanism requires sensor hardware & installation in addition to the urinal.
Therefore, the most common form of urinal flushing mechanism in Ireland & Northern Ireland is to feed urinals from a cistern which flushes each time the cistern is filled.

Flushing urinals irrespective of actual urinal use may be insufficient during busy periods and unnecessary during times when urinals are not being used at all.

Water consumption for a typical water-flushed urinal installation:

  • 3x urinals - fed from 1x 12 litre cistern
  • Rinsing cycle per hour = 6 (every 10 mins.)
  • Water consumption per cistern flush = 12 Litres
  • No. of cistern flushes per year = 52,560
  • Water Usage per year = 630,720 litres
  • Consolidated Water Charge [€/m³] = € 2.50

 Cost calculation for 3x urinals:

  • 630,720 litres= 630.72 m³
  • 630.72 m³ x € 2.50 = € 1,576.80 / year
  • (€ 1,576.80 / 3x urinals = € 525.60 / urinal /year)

€ 1,576.80
in water charges which would have been avoided with the URIMAT System!

URIMAT - Detailed Cost Analysis - 1x urinal

Note: URIMAT MB-Active Traps are available in larger batch sizes with reduced unit prices. The above examples are based on the smallest available batch size of 6 pcs.

URIMAT - it makes sense!

The significant operational savings with URIMAT and short payback periods can be viewed in our example Cost Analysis.
Considering this and the immediate improvements in sanitary hygiene, it is always worthwhile to upgrade existing urinal installations.

URIMAT - Leasing

Contact us about our interesting Leasing Offers available for URIMAT waterless urinals and upgrade your urinal installation with the benefit of consistent leasing instalments. 

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