URIMAT - the ecological environmental urinal system

1. High-Tech polycarbonate urinal bowl, carbon-neutrally manufactured, 100% recyclable

2. Unique vertical membrane technology with integrated cleaning system

3. Save 100,000 litres of water per year = 17.5 kg less CO2

4. Microbiolgical Cleaning System; ph-neutral, dermo-compatible

5. Finance the urinal with Advertising

URIMAT - The Environment


URIMAT waterless urinals are 100% recyclable and are manufactured CO2- neutrally in Switzerland using 80% Hydro- & 20% Wind-Energy!


Due to the lightweight construction of URIMAT polycarbonate urinal bowls and intelligent packaging, a considerable reduction in transport-related CO2- emissions is achieved.
2x urinal bowls can be dispatched in one box via postal courier service without the requirement of using expensive and environmentally harmful pallet-consignments via trucks (HGV).

Re-Use & Recycling

Customers no longer requiring URIMAT waterless urinals due to conversion, operational closure or facility demolition can easily demount the urinals for installation at an alternative facility.
Any items returned to URIMAT are recycled to ensure eco-friendly disposal.

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