Cleaning & Maintenance

URIMAT waterless urinals are cleaned using MB-Active Cleaner.

The quick and simple cleaning process reduces urinal maintenance and ensures superior urinal hygiene.
Dilute URIMAT MB-Active Cleaner with water at a ratio of 1:20 into the URIMAT Spray Bottle.

1. Spray the outside of the urinal and wipe

2. Spray the inside of the urinal and wipe

3. Lift the sieve and clean underneath

4. Wipe the sieve on both sides

5. Place the sieve back and spray into the urinal


How often are the urinals to be cleaned?

The general standard of cleanlines is determined by each facility operator individually. After all, urinal use, even within one facility, can vary considerably. 

As a guideline, cleaning of URIMAT waterless urinals is normally required 2 - 3 daily for moderate to busy facilities but can be higher or lower depending on urinal use.

When replacing conventional urinals we recommend cleaning staff maintain their normal cleaning intervals.

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