URIMAT MB-Active Trap

URIMAT waterless urinals are equipped with an MB-Active Trap which is an odour trap with vertical membrane technology.

Touchless operation, integrated MB-Active Cube, optical lifecycle indicator, vacuum- & pressure-resistant, frost-proof.

Urine is drained off into the odour trap and passes through the vertical membrane into the waste pipe. The membrane closes when the flow of liquid ceases ensuring waste pipe gases and odours are retained within the waste pipe network.

The integrated microbiological MB-Active Cube improves hygiene and reduces organic deposits in the odour trap and waste pipe!

MB-Active Trap

Odour Trap

  • Contact-free
  • Patented 3-way control
  • Set for low, medium or high urinal use
  • Integrated MB-ActiveCube
  • Life Cycle indicator (max. 8,000 - 12,000 uses)
  • Change Trap according to individual urinal use
  • Vertically sealing membrane system
  • Resistant to negative and positive pressure
  • Frost-proof

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