URIMAT MB-Active Cleaner with Kalkex

Inexpensive - Hygienic - Dermocompatible - Biological

URIMAT MB-Active Cleaner is a care- & maintenance-product for URIMAT waterless urinals.

With its microbiological and odour eradication action MB-Active Cleaner removes lime & soap residues and delays renewed soiling.

Dermatologically tested for skin-friendlines, MB-Active Cleaner eliminates the bad odours caused when organic matter decomposes.
It is particularly well suited for maintenance cleaning and odour elimination in heavily used washroom & sanitary facilities.

MB-Active Cleaner contains micro-organisms that penetrate the pores (joins) and destroy any odours caused by organic residues deposited there, leaving a pleasant and lasting freshness. Used daily, it prevents odours from developing.

MB Active Cleaner is supplied as a microbiological concentrate which is then diluted with water (at a ratio 1:20) into the 1 Litre Spray Bottle used for everyday cleaning.
URIMAT MB-Active Cleaner is therefore ultra-efficient, long-lasting and considerably more economical than other urinal cleaning agents.

In the concentrate form, the cleaner has billions of spores which start to develop into (good) bacteria once mixed with water.

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