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URIMAT is a leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly products in the sanitary ware industry.

In a place where others are passive, URIMAT is actively setting new trends and standrads on a daily basis.
The waterless urinals made by the Swiss manufacturer URIMAT are enjoying worldwide acceptance and simultaneously ensure hygiene and ecological protection to thousands of washrooms around the globe.
Due to the innovative technology and the high value retention of our products, new customers are placing their trust in our solution every day, thereby actively helping to save millions of litres of clean drinking water.
Especially in regions where this valuable resource is in short supply, conserving drinking water is an absolute necessity.

As a market leader, URIMAT is fully commited to ecolgical sustainability and high ethical standards. Our products are manufactured in a carbon-neutral process in Switzerland using eco-friendly materials.

Uncomprimising quality control and leading technology guarantee durable products with odourless, hygienic and ecological operation.

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