MULTIMAT Rainwater Plant

WISY’s low-cost rainwater plant MULTIMAT contains the complete rainwater supply technique for single houses.
A submersible pressure pump in the collection tank feeds the rainwater directly into the rainwater pipe-network.

The MULTIMAT regulates the rainwater supply and controls the rainwater storage tank level. Furthermore, automatic and highly dependable mains water top-up to the rainwater collection tank is included.

Plug-in equipment for easy on-site commissioning.
Meets high security standards DIN 1989 and DIN EN 1717.


  • complete package for pressurised rainwater supply
  • delivered as a plug-in-unit, no electric installations necessary
  • free of suction pipe problems
  • high supply and functional safety
  • energy-efficient; less than 0.2W in standby-mode
  • automatic potable water feed to outside rainwater collection tank
  • cost-efficient operation, high quality
  • completely noiseless inside the house

includes ZETA 02 Pressure Switch
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