MAXIMA Rainwater Plant

Supply volumes for larger buildings are possible with this hybrid storage plant with non-suction-technique.

The Maxima Plant with its in-house buffer volume of 100 litres, includes all supply components and can be enlarged in power and volume, using different accessories.

The submersible pump inside the collection tank feeds rainwater to the buffer storage of the in-house hybrid unit.

This technique allows distances of up to 12 m head and 40 m length between the rainwater collection tank and inside hybrid unit.
A submersible pressure pump inside the buffer storage distributes the water pressurised to the points of consumption.

The hybrid unit regulates the rainwater supply and controls the storage water level, providing an automatic and highly dependable mains water top-up into the buffer storage.

Plug-in equipment for easy on-site commissioning.
Energy-efficient operation and low-standby (< 0.2W) consumption.
Meets high security standards DIN 1989 and DIN EN 1717.

Also available: MAXIMA 2-Pump Hybrid Rainwater Plant


  • delivered as a plug-in-unit, no electric installations necessary
  • big buffer storage for safe supply even at high consumption peaks
  • low noise level due to submersible pumps
  • manual switching from rainwater supply to potable water feed possible
  • high consumption security and functional safety, also in case of consumption peaks
  • free of suction line problems

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