WISY Rainwater Storage Tanks with Combi-Filter & integrated Smoothing Inlet

Compression resistant rainwater storage tanks from WISY for rainwater harvesting systems. 
Equipped with integrated Smoothing Inlet & WISY Combi-Filter for roof areas of up to 200m² - underground installation.

The fully assembled and nearly self-cleaning WISY Vortex Fine Filter (Combi-Filter) is located outside of the rainwater harvesting tank. The separate filter manhole allows easy filter access without opening the rainwater tank lid.

Available in 3 sizes up to 6.5m³ (6,500 litres = 1429 gallons)

Rainwater Harvesting Systems
WISY Rainwater Harvesting Tanks
Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Due to the structural stability WISY rainwater storage tanks are suitable for all rainwater collection applications.
The robust construction is manufactured seamlessly in one piece using environmentally friendly and physiologically safe Polyethylene (PE).

WISY give a 20-year manufacturer guarantee on the durability of the Polyethylene tank material.

Our rainwater storage tanks are vehicle duty approved and can therefore not only be installed in the garden but also in the front driveway.
Due to its lightweight the tank can be moved and installed without heavy liftng equipment.

Smooth inside walls prevent deposit accumulation and thus improve hygiene & storage water quality.

As the excavation around the rainwater harvesting tank is filled with gravel, the stable bottom shape ensures the rainwater storage tank is fully supported from below.
The rainwater harvesting tanks are equipped with a child-safety device which is TÜV-certified (German Technical Inspection Authority) and non-slip manhole cover in zinc-plated steel.

Two integrated steel lifting hooks at the top allow lowering of the rainwater harvesting tank into the excavation.

For additional safety, the base of the rainwater storage tank is equipped with a counterbalance release-valve in case of high groundwater level.

ATV tested stability - suitable for non-commercial car-based vehicles.

WISY Rainwater Harvesting Tanks are delivered to site in Ireland and Northern Ireland as part of a complete WISY Rainwater Harvesting System which also includes a rainwater pressure pump and automatic mains water back-up unit - see "Purchase this item online!" for furher information.

On request, it is also possible to combine the WISY Rainwater Tanks with the Multimat and OPTIMA Rainwater Plants or with a package containing the Multigo Pressure Pump.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems
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