WISY Vertical Downpipe rainwater filters for roof areas of 150m² and 200 m²

WISY Filter Collectors for vertical downpipes are high efficient stainless steel rainwater harvesting filters.
The rainwater coming from the roof through the downpipe is drawn through the vertically placed stainless-steel filter insert by adhesion forces and then is led through the outlet (DN 50) to the storage cistern tank.
More than 90% of the water passing through the FS/STFS is filtered and collected by this principle.

Due to the unique and patented construction dirt particles contained in the rainwater (larger than 0.28 mm) are rinsed directly into the drain with the remaining rainwater.

FS Filter Collector - 150m²

  • max. flow rate: 4.2 l/s
  • 90% filter efficiency
  • outlet above ground

STFS Filter Collector - 200m²

  • max. flow rate: 4.2 l/s
  • 90% filter efficiency
  • outlet underground

The full cross-section of the rainwater drainage system remains continuously open in the FS and STFS systems.
There are no restrictions or obstructions in the appliances on which rainwater can collect. This is especially important in hail storms and torrential rainfall.
In such cases 50% of the filtered water is still transferred to the storage cisterns. Excess rainwater is led directly to the raiwater drain or soakaway.
Resistance to corrosion and frost is absolutely guaranteed.


Attention: When installing WISY Filters in buildings with siphonic roof drainage, precautionary measures are required.  Please contact us for further information!

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