MULTIGO Submersible Rainwater Pump

EBARA MULTIGO vertical multistage pumps are a high quality stainless steel pump range used for domestic, agricultural and commercial water supply from wells & cistern tanks.

The double mechanical seal with interposed chamber containing lubrication fluid ensures a long life-span and reliable operation.

Smaller single-phase Multigo Pumps such as the M40/08 and M80/12 can be operated via the Servopress or Presscomfort pressure switches for automatic rainwater supply with integrated dry-run protection. 

We offer the full range of MULTIGO Pumps in single- & three-phase.
In conjunction with our German manufactured Pump Control Panels for 1- & 2-pump solutions, switching accessories, membrane pressure vessels and extensive technical support, we provide a comprehensive water supply package ranging from domestic and agricultural facilities to multi-storey commercial applications.

Servopress Pressure Switch
WISY ZETA 02 Pressure Switch

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