Submersible Rainwater Pumps

EBARA MULTIGO vertical multistage pumps are a high quality stainless steel pump range used for domestic, agricultural and commercial water supply from wells & cistern tanks.

For automatic pressurised water supply and dry-run protection an additional external Pressure Switch is required.
Pump motor-protection is included when operating the pump via a Control Panel.


SAFF/SAGF Floating Suction Filters

WISY Floating Suctions Filters are connected to the intake of the BETA 1200X or MULTIGO Pump. Rainwater is extracted from the middle part of the tank beneath the water surface where the cleaniest water lies.

The Fine- (SAFF - 0.3 mm mesh size) and Coarse- (SAGF - 1.2 mm mesh size) Floating Suction Filters ensure only the cleanest water intake is introduced into the rainwater network.
The 1 metre suction hose is made in natural rubber for reliable performance and maximum durability.


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