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WISY AG Haustechniksysteme, Filtertechnik is based in Hitzkirchen, Germany and was founded in 1989 by Norbert Winkler.

With the invention and patenting of the vertical downpipe "Filter Collector" the foundation was laid for the nowadays leading manufacturer of innovative rainwater harvesting products.

The unique WISY Vortex Fine Filter is a safe and simple method for the separation of water and solids and has convinced customers in more than 50 countries worldwide.

WISY AG now provides a large range of system components for rainwater harvesting installations ranging from domestic and agricultural to industrial installations.

From the beginning WISY has not only been a manufacturer but has also been involved at the forefront of developing rainwater harvesting in Germany and neighbouring European countries.

Dedicated ongoing research & development for more than 20 years is an integral part of our innovative, efficient and quality rainwater harvesting product range. 

WISY Rainwater Harvesting - Innovative Technology - Made in Germany!


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