Rainwater Harvesting Components from WISY

Rainwater Harvesting Components from WISY provide high-quality German engineered rainwater harvesting solutions.

These rain harvesting methods include rainwater collection, filtration and pressurised rainwater distribution for domestic, agricultural & commercial facilities.

Rainwater is collected from the roof area and passes via the gutters and downpipes through a vertical Filter Collector or underground Vortex Fine Filter to remove debris & solids such as leaves.
The filtered water flows to the underground rainwater harvesting storage tank, from where it is pumped into the building to supply non-potable appliances such as toilet-flushing & the washing-machine as well as outside taps for garden use.

WISY has made rainwater harvesting become an immanent part of modern facility water saving techniques. Experience and steady innovation over the past 20 years ensure quality and longevity of the entire WISY rainwater harvesting product range.

Domestic facilities can substitute 50 % of water use with harvested rainwater!

The average domestic house can substitute 50% of its water use with harvested rainwater, while potential savings at non-domestic facilities may be even higher.

Due to the immediate and long-term benefits, the introduction of Rainwater Harvesing Systems is gaining popularity in the domestic, commercial & industrial sector as well as in public sector buildings such as schools & universities.

As well as feeding non-potable applications such as toilet-flushing & washing-machines, harvested rainwater can also be used for irrigation & industrial cooling processes etc.
Therefore, a significant amount of daily water use does not have to meet stringent drinking water standards and can be substituted with harvested rainwater!

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