Rainwater Harvesting Products for Water Conservation

WISY Rainwater Harvesting System Components provide high-quality water conservation solutions for domestic, agricultural, commercial & industrial facilities.

Rainwater Harvesting and water conservation is today an essential investment to reduce immediate and long-term facility operational costs.

rainwater harvesting system will be in operation for several decades. Proper planning, adequate tank-sizing and the selection of suitable quality components are essential to ensure long-term economical operation of the water harvesting system.

WISY is a founder member of the German Association for Rainwater Harvesting and has also actively participated in several DIN committees which drew-up the currently applicable standards for rainwater harvesting in Germany and Europe.

Product durability and reliability are a distinctive feature of the WISY brand.
Consequently, WISY's products have been included in several thousand projects throughout the world, especially where professional rainwater harvesting solutions and water conservation are required.

Harvested rainwater can be used for toilet-flushing, washing-machines, outside taps, irrigation, industrial processes and other non-potable applications.
At a domestic facility, the majority of daily water usage does not have to meet drinking water standards and can be covered by using a rainwater harvesting system!

Domestic Water Demand.pdf
(green areas = harvested rainwater)
(blue areas = potable/drinking water mandatory)

Commercial and industrial facilities may be able to cover considerably more than 50% of their water use, depending on harvestable volume and overall water consumption.

All of the listed rainwater harvesting system components are supplied with detailed installation instructions to ensure compliance with existing UK, German and EU regulations for rainwater harvesting.

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